"It's been called smoke and velvet, and as addictive as chocolate caramels..." but according to Record Time Production's Rick Hollett, when you hear Renée Marquis sing, one thing becomes immediately clear—her conviction.

Throughout the 80's Renée lived in Halifax, NS, then Toronto, ON where she performed as lead singer and side keyboardist in various sorts of rock bands from pop to metal, touring most of Central and Eastern Canada. She began doing session work while based in Toronto in the mid 80's and it was there that Oscar Peterson overheard a track of her voice and described it as, 'smoke and velvet'. Or so the engineer reported!

Upon her return to St. John's in 1989, Renée began performing with a series of groups including "The Bill Rose Band" (blues); "Scattered Showers" with Gary Johnstone and Denise Lear (jazz); the "Ed Goff Big Band" (jazz standards); "The Jim Duff Little Big Band" (jazz standards) and resumed performing with Rick Hollett in various jazz ensembles, a collaboration which continues to the present.

Today Renée works steadily as a session singer, performing on various albums and doing weekly voice-overs for radio and television. She has just finished recording a collection of jazz standards titled, "With Wine... Volume 1", arranged by Bill Brennan and produced by Rick Hollett and Bill Brennan at Record Time Productions.